We understand that this offer:

  • Is extended to qualified couples that agree to participate in a 90-minute demo, on the benefits of Vacation Ownership over breakfast or lunch on the second day of this vacation package.
  • Entitles us to accommodations for two persons for the number three nights at the resort.
  • Is for married or cohabitating couples (both parties must have the same physical address on a government issued ID)
  • Is for folks between the ages 30 – 65.
  • If for folks that gross not less than $60,000 USD annual income.

We understand that:

  • Both parties must read and speak fluent English
  • Persons who have participated in this specific offer before are not eligible.
  • We are not eligible if we are travel agents, airline, or hotel employees.

We understand that:

  • Travel must be completed within six months of purchase.
  • Incidentals, food and taxes are not included.
  • Failure to meet these eligibility requirements or to complete the Vacation Ownership presentation or will result us being charged the advertised rack rate of the room nights utilized.

Reservations are subject to hotel availability and should be made 30 days in advance of the travel dates desired. For reservations contact The Bahamas Vacationer Hotline@ (954) 654 7117 Mon–Fri, 9am -5pm OR resortgetaways@seabreezevacationvillas.com.